RTC112 SD-modul, 2-kanálový, 90 - 240 V AC, DIN lišta

Č. produktu: LXV410.99.00111
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Sludge Dewatering. Under Control.

Optimalizácia riadenia odvodňovania kalu, 2-kanálový, 90 - 240 V AC, DIN lišta
The SD-Module monitors real-time changes in TSS and automatically adjusts polymer dosing to achieve a high sludge concentration.

Prognosys ensures confidence in your instrument readings. Prognosys will monitor, provide reliable instrument measurement values and identify when upcoming maintenance tasks are due in an easy-to-read colour display.

Please note: Using RTC Module requires SC 1000 controller with GSM and RTC card.

  • Keep running smoothly
  • An off-the-shelf system
  • Save money on treatment
  • Predictive diagnostics
  • When we say Service, we mean Service!