Hach BioTector B3500c TOC Analyser

Maximum uptime and reliability for TOC analysis in condensate applications
Using unique technology, only requiring scheduled maintenance every 6 months, allowing for dual stream monitoring, and having one of the most compact analyser footprints, the Hach BioTector B3500c delivers 99.86% uptime in condensate applications with the lowest operating cost.

Worry-free TOC
With innovative two stage, advanced oxidation technology, the B3500c provides you with maximum reliability and uptime, without sacrificing accuracy.

Lowest cost of ownership
Requiring you to replace the sample pump tube and calibrate only twice a year, the Hach BioTector B3500c has the lowest operating cost available.

Small footprint = critical wall space savings
With one of the most compact analyser footprints, this analyser frees up wall space for other needed instruments.

Reagent costs that don’t kill the bottom line
By only needing to replenish reagents every six months, you will see direct bottom line savings in comparison to other systems requiring bi-weekly or monthly replacements.

One instrument for multiple streams
Providing the ability to monitor two streams sequentially, eliminates the double-cost of needing two separate analysers.
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